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Issues of the Heart and Mind

"Guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life." - Prov. 4:23.


The heart is the fount of life and power. It affects every part of our being. However, due to the results of wounding and sin our hearts become contaminated and we lose our ability to see God, ourselves, others and circumstances from a clear perspective. We may incubate negative thoughts and emotions, conditioning us for defeat and failure. This teaching seeks to make known the truth of God's Word and the effective power of the cross, enabling captives to be set free.


This teaching takes a close look at: Matters of the heart and mind; Influences of the heart; Hearts of stone; Over-sensitive hearts; Ungodly beliefs, deception and mindsets.

Issues of the Heart and Mind

    Releasing - Equipping - Advancing - Proclaiming

    Clive Corfield

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