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Sowing the Word  -  Reaping the Harvest


"Proclaim good news to the poor,

bind the brokenhearted,

proclaim freedom for the captives,

and release the prisoners from darkness."

Isaiah 61



Clive's 'One-Day Events' are designed to provide greater understanding and detailed training into specific areas of ministry. Offering a balance of biblical truth and practical training, 'One-Day Events' prove to be affordable, accessible and incredibly fruitful to delegates who invariably leave blessed, healed and better equipped for life and future ministry.


We hold regular 'One-Day Events' in our home church, and we are also available to take this teaching into other local or regional churches by invitation. 

Rather than providing generalised, 'high-street' teaching, it is our passion to tailor our events to suit individual group interests and requirements.

He has a wide range of subject matter available, and the following list gives you a snapshot of some topics Clive often teaches and ministers into:


  • Healing ​

  • Relationships

  • The prophetic

  • Discovering God

  • Personal transformation

  • Spiritual warfare

  • Deliverance

  • Leadership dynamics

  • Pastoral care

  • Moving naturally in the supernatural

Releasing - Equipping - Advancing - Proclaiming

Clive Corfield

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