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Upgrade Series: Personal Transformation

This series seeks to upgrade our awareness and understanding of God and His work in our lives. Taken from the ‘Upgrade’ series taught at Father’s House, Lancaster, the teaching opens up a fresh vista of the divine and who we are in and through Christ Jesus. Personal Transformation offers us glimpses of how our own destiny unfolds into fruitful fulfilment, how we are integrated into the realisation of the Father’s dream and how the Father outworks and expresses His Kingdom here on earth.


1) Embracing the Task with Divine Favour.

2) Transformation through Transition.

3) Who Do You Say You Are?

4) The Eternal Consequence of Now!

5) Faith During Warfare.

Upgrade Series: Personal Transformation

    Releasing - Equipping - Advancing - Proclaiming

    Clive Corfield

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