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Witchcraft! In the Church?

There is a prophetic call upon the Church in these days to rise up in the spirit and the power of Elijah. Yet, despite Elijah's obvious anointing he was seriously affected by Jezebel, the srciptural archetype of witchcraft. He became discouraged, confused, disorientated and subsequently withdrew in despair. The enemy still seeks to render God's people innefective by attacking them in many subtle ways. How do we regonise these? How do we overcome them? How do we obtain healing from the effects of witchcraft? This teaching seeks to help and heal those who have been controlled, hurt or damaged by the occult, cursing, ungodly control or counterfeit spiritual authority. It is valuable for those who have been damaged themselves, or for those seeking to minister more effectively into the lives of others in this area.


This teaching takes a close look at: What is witchcraft?; Understanding witchcraft in its various forms; Recognising witchcraft; Free-will and Godly authority; Overcoming witchcraft; Healing from the damaging effects of witchcraft.

Witchcraft! In the Church?

    Releasing - Equipping - Advancing - Proclaiming

    Clive Corfield

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